Sonja Fagervold

Fonction : Chercheur

Organisme : UPMC

Unité de Recherche : Laboratoire d’Océanographie Microbienne, LBBM, USR3579

Nom de l’équipe de recherche :

Adresse postale : Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls. Avenue du Fontaulé. 66650 Banyuls/mer

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Descriptif des travaux en lien avec l’écotoxicologie microbienne

Previously, I have focused on the reductive dechlorination of PCBs by anaerobic microorgansism, as well possible remediation technologies for dioxin contaminated sites. Now, I am now focusing on the degradation of micropollutants, especially pharmaceuticals, in wastewater treatments plants and in the natural environment.


5 mots-clés

– Bioremedation / biostimulation

– Pollutant degradation

– Recalcitrant chlorinated compounds

– Micropollutants/emerging pollutants

– Microbial ecology


Publications les plus représentatives des travaux en écotoxicologie microbienne

Fagervold, S.K., S. Bourgeois, A. Pruski, F. Charles, P. Kerhervé, G. Vétionand P.E. Galand. 2014. River organic matter shapes microbial communities in the sediment of the Rhône prodelta. ISME J.: 2014 May 23. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2014.86

– Payne, R. B. S. K. Fagervold, H. D May and K. R. Sowers. 2013. Remediation of polychlorinated biphenyl impacted sediment by concurrent bioaugmentation with anaerobic dehalorespiring and aerobic degrading bacteria. Environ. Sci. Technol. 47 (8): 3807-15

Fagervold, S. K., J. E. M. Watts, H. D. May and K. R. Sowers. 2011. Effects of bioaugmentation on indigenous PCB dechlorinating activity in sediment microcosms. Water Res. 45 (13): 3899-3907.

Fagervold S. K., Y. Chai, J. W. Davis, M. Wilken, G. Cornelissen and U. Ghosh. 2010. -Bioaccumulation of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins/Dibenzofurans in E. fetida from Flood-plain Soils and the Effect of Activated Carbon Amendment. Environ. Sci. Technol. 44: 5546-52.

Fagervold, S. K., H. D. May and K. R. Sowers. 2007. Microbial reductive dehalogenation of aroclor 1260 in Baltimore harbor sediment microcosms is catalyzed by three phylotypes within the phylum Chloroflexi. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73: 3009-18.

Sonja Fagervold